Camprofile or "Grooved" Gaskets have proven themselves in all industrial applications.


Camprofile gaskets are found in industrial power plants and in the primary circuits in nuclear installations.


Used either between flanges or in heat exchanger units in nuclear applications. The Petrochemical and Chemical industries benefit too, as the gaskets are used in applications where high pressures and temperatures are maintained and consequently high bolt loads need to be controlled.


Camprofile gaskets are comprise of a precision machined metallic core with sealing layers either side, usually in graphite or PTFE although speciality materials such as pure silver can be supplied.


Camprofile gaskets are the ideal product choice for standard pipeline and heat exchanger applications. They provide the highest level of sealing integrity with the ability to seal at seating stresses normally associated with sheeting materials.


Camprofiles are able to cope with fluctuating temperatures and pressures making them the gasket of choice for heat exchanger service.


The metallic cores can be returned (providing they are undamaged) to us and we provide a refurbishment service where they are cleaned and fitted with new sealing layers making the gasket as good as new at a fraction of the original cost.


The Camprofile can be supplied as just the core suitable for recess and tongue and groove applications or with an outer ring fitted for use on standard raised face flanges.


  • Outstanding sealing characteristics at a wide range of seating stress levels. 

  • Helps compensate for wide swings in temperature and pressure.

  • Very forgiving of inconsistent bolt torqueing or installation error. 

  • Applicable to almost all types of flanges regardless of bolt load available.

  • The working thickness of sealing layers is extremely small reducing fugitive emissions.

  • Low seating stresses required reduce flange damage and gasket removal problems.

  • The gasket cores are reusable reducing cost and eliminating gasket disposal problems.

  • Offers extreme temperature and chemical resistance because of the variety of materials available.

  • Extremely high pressure are easily sealed with confidence.

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