Graphite crinkle tapes are made from pure graphite with the addition of a corrosion inhibitor.


Pure graphite tapes are patterned into a ribbon form with no impregnants, binders, additives, oils or greases which could possibly leave the packing and reduce its volume or contaminate the process media.


Tapes can be supplied plain or with the addition of a self adhesive backing on one side to aid fitting.



Available Sizes

Thickness :           0.38mm 0.5mm 
Length per spool : 15 to 30 metres or to customer requirement
Widths :                6.4mm 9.5mm
                           12.7mm 15.0mm
                           19.1mm 25.4mm
                           32.0mm 38.0mm


Other widths available on request


Material Data 

Purity : 98%                Density : 1.0 to 1.1 g/cc
pH : 0-14 (except strong oxidisers)
Op. Pressure : 450 bar to 700 bar max.
-240°C to +3000°C (Non-Oxid)
-240°C to + 500°C (Oxidising)
-240°C to + 650°C (Steam)
Construction : Expanded Mineral Graphite Tape with or without Pressure sensitive adhesive backing, Corrugated or smooth finish

Installing Graphite Crinkle Gasket Tape

1. Brush off any rust or foreign particles. Wipe flange surface thoroughly with a rag soaked in acetone or other suitable solvent to remove grease or oil.

2. Insert fingernail between the paper backing strip and the tape and strip the paper back three to six inches. Draw a reference line in flange and press squared off end of tape against it.

3. Now, start laying the tape along the face of the flange, peeling the paper backing as you go. To prevent the adhesive surfaces of the tape from doubling back on themselves and sticking together, strip away only a few inches of paper at a time.

4. When the starting point has been reached, lap the tape not more than 1/16 inch and cut with a sharp blade.

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