Metal clad gaskets consist of a metal jacket formed around a soft filler material. Available in either a double jacketed or single jacketed construction, in four main styles, as detailed below.

Double jacketed gaskets are designed for high temperature/pressure applications or where corrosion problems may exist with the filler being completely enclosed in a two-piece metal jacket.


Single jacketed gaskets are designed for low/medium temperature pressure applications particularly where only light bolting can be applied.


The recommended flange surface finish when using a metal jacketed gasket is 100 micro inch CLA.

Standard jacket materials - soft iron, steel, SS316, SS304, SS321, SS410, brass, copper, monel.

Standard filler materials - Non-asbestos, graphite, PTFE.

Other jacket and filler materials are available on request.

Double Jacketed Style KYG1: Used on high temperature applications e.g. heat exchangers. The filler is totally enclosed in a two-piece metal jacket.
Available to customer specification with unlimited bar configurations or to ASME B16.20 (API6O1) for standard ASME/ANSI flanges.

Double Jacketed Style KYG1C: Similar to Style KYG1, except that the metal jacket is corrugated. This gives a reduced contact area and enhances its compressive characteristics. More resilient than Style KYG1. Suitable for uneven flanges.

Single Jacketed Style KYG2: Gasket comprises of a filler material which is totally enclosed in a one-piece metal jacket.
Used on narrow flanges where Style KYG1 is unsuitable.

Single Jacketed Style KYG3: Metal jacket only covers one contact face and inside and outside diameters of the gasket. This is an old design which is rarely used.
Not recommended on standard pipe flanges.

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