Also known as a rotary shaft seal, lip seal, radial lip seal. It is a simple device for excluding dust, dirt, water or any other contaminant whilst retaining lubricant in rotary shaft equipment. Generally it has been developed as a means of protecting the bearing of rotating shafts. The basic principle of sealing is straight forward – the flexible lip is held against the rotating part whilst the casing is pressed into the housing or bore and holds the seal in place.


Type R4

The most widely used design of spring loaded rotary shaft lip seal. Used where it is required to seal fluid in a clean environment.


Type R6

A modification of the single lip type R4, using a dirt exclusion or minor lip, and known as a semi-dual seal. Used to prevent entry of foreign material which would otherwise damage the primary lip, or provide corrosion protection.


Type R21

This seal is a single lip spring loaded type with a rubber covered outside diameter particularly suitable for housings which are unsuitable for metal cased seals either through minor surface defects or too rough a surface. It is preferred where the housing is of alloy or plastic materials as it is more tolerant of differential thermal expansion between seal and housing.


Type R23

This is a semi-dual seal combining the characteristics of the rubber covered type with that of R6.


Whilst the standard types of seals shown here will cover the majority of applications, special designs and performance requirements necessitate the development of special seal types. The selection of suitable designs is best achieved by consultation. Seals with hydrodynamics aids also available to special order in both unidirectional and bi-directional styles

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