Virgin PTFE provides an exceptional sealing material and is available in many forms, from sheet, rods, tube, machined components, in solid and expanded forms.


PTFE exhibits the following properties.

  1. A resistance to virtually all corrosive chemicals with the exception of fluorine, some fluorochemicals and molten alkali metals.
  2. A very low coefficient of friction.
  3. Non-flammable.
  4. Non-ageing properties.
  5. Non-toxic.
  6. Anti-stick properties.
  7. Excellent tensile strength.
  8. Moisture and U.V. resistance.
  9. Excellent dielectric properties.


Filled PTFE : In spite of the above properties, pure PTFE is inadequate for some engineering uses. Mechanical applications especially require better physical characteristics. A proper combination of inorganic and metallic fillers will further enhance the materials creep and wear resistance, thermal conductivity, dimensional stability and hardness. The more common fillers are 

  • 15% glass
  • 25% glass 
  • 60% bronze
  • 15% graphite
  • 15% glass / 5% graphite
  • 25% carbon.


PTFE is suitable for temperatures between -200°C to +260°C

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