When thinking about how to clean a stable, you might start wondering why stable mats are used. Stable mats are being increasinly used because they benefit both horses and their owners. Not only can having stable matting save you money but horse mats can improve the health of your horse and lighten your workload.


Benefits of stable matting
Horse mats are not essential but if you want to give your horse some extra comfort then rubber stable mats give your horse extra cushioning and insulation underfoot. Horses put an enormous amount of pressure on their legs because they spend so much time standing up. Any extra cushioning in the form of horse mats the better as far as they are concerned.


Stable mats also have loads of benefits for you. The first benefit being you only need to use 20% of the bedding you would have needed prior to having stable matting. You will only need to use enough bedding to cover the mat and soak up some of the waste.


It will take you a lot less time when you are mucking out which means you can spend more time riding and less time cleaning. You do not need to thoroughly clean rubber stable mats more than about once every couple of months which makes your mucking out routine a lot easier.


Stable mats also help to prevent horse respiratory problems as dust levels are radically reduced. Rubber stable mats can also do wonders for arthritic and laminitic horses because the softer surface gives much needed insulation. Horse mats can also speed up the healing process of injured horses. 

Top 10 reasons to use stable mats

1. Despite the initial cost, stable mats save you bags of money in horse bedding costs. 

2. You only have to use 20% of the bedding you would need without stable matting. 

3. Stable mats on average last approximately seven years before they start to crack around the edges and need replacing. 

4. Stable matting stops horses digging at the ground if your stables do not have a hard floor.

5. Stable mats prevent you from having to dig up the ground and re-level it to keep it safe and flat. 

6. Stable matting allows you to use less bedding which decreases the dust levels in the stable. By decreasing the amount of dust and fungal spores you are preventing your horse from getting respiratory diseases. 

7. Stable mats cushion hard concrete floors and make it more comfortable for horses. This is of particular importance if your horse has arthritis. 

8. Stable matting decreases the pressure on the horse’s legs. 

9. Stable mats also provide some underfoot insulation for the horses

10. You only have to clean stable mats thoroughly approximately once a month. You will need to muck out and change bedding as usual but there is less bedding so it will take you less time. Stable mats also allow urine to drain away and dissipate so odours do not accumulate.

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